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October 2013

Choosing A Dentist

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What To Look For When Choosing A Dentist –

James McElveen DDS | Shannon Sisk RDH | Lisa Lundquist RDH

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests the following:

  1. Ask family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers for their recommendations
  2. Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist
  3. If you’re moving, ask your current dentist to make a recommendation
  4. Contact your local or state dental society.  The ADA provides a list of local and state dental societies on its website,

Since you and your dentist will be long-term oral health care partners, you should find someone you are comfortable with.  Consider asking the following questions:

  1. What are the office hours?
  2. Is the office easy to get to?
  3. Where was the dentist educated and trained?
  4. What’s the dentist’s approach to preventive care?
  5. How often does the dentist attend conferences and continuing education workshops?
  6. What is the protocol for handling emergency patients outside of office hours?
  7. Does the dentist offer any type of “Dental Health Plan”?
  8. What is the office policy on missed appointments?

Look to see if the dentist office is clean and neat, and that the office staff is welcoming and willing to answer your questions.

Remember, that it’s your decision.  Go with the dentist that best suits your needs.